Website Guidance

Navigating a website, or navigating the internet, or even turning on a computer can be quite daunting for some of us!

But not on our website! Our goal is to share our knowledge with anyone willing to consider it!

To do this we have placed step-by-step instructions on every page of our website. To help you navigate through the website with ease!

Look for this box on each page

and click on it when the little

hand appears:

click here for website guidance

This guide box will appear:

Hover over the box headings and click on the box when the little hand appears

This guide box will appear:

(Hover over the box headings and click

on the box when the little hand appears)

Home, is just that! Home on a website is where it all begins. It is home base. When you are lost always head for home. Clicking on the word home will take you back to the beginning. You can find the home button at the bottom of the page (a page is what is showing on your screen) in the footer (the area at the bottom of the page that contains the same information as other pages on a website).

Click Here, is a link. This link will open a new page. It is how you 'turn the page' throughout the internet. To return to the page you just turned, find the backward arrow symbol on your computer screen.

Please take your time when exploring the site and please remember you are never to 'anything' to not learn something new. If you were to 'anything' you wouldn't exist, because we are learning something new every moment of every day!

As far as turning your computer on, you are on this page, so you have already conquered turning your computer on! Nicely done!!

this is a footer

it will take you wherever you want to go!

give it a hover