Revive the Body and Mind

Revive the Body and Mind

Cleaner Home

Our environment is toxic! Always has been and always will be. This is why we have been given the glorious gift of a liver, kidneys (two of them!), a gall bladder and so much more!

But no one really likes to work hard (even if they think they do) and neither does your personal detoxification system.

This section will help you give your liver, kidneys (both of them), gall bladder, and everything else a break from working themselves to death.

Revive the Body and Mind

Home Decor and Organize

Feng this!

We just want to help you find your socks without you having to question your existence.

Warning: Feng Shui may be present for those of us with hundreds of socks, but only three pairs.

Revive the Body and Mind

Pet Care

Got one? Want one? Is it in you? Just do it! Help your pet be all it can be.

There's some things money can't buy, the love of a pet.

Let's help your pet be the happiest pet on earth!

Revive the Body and Mind

Body Care

Smell this....

Revive the Body and Mind

Travel Adventures

You don't need to leave home to have a travel adventure.

All you need is your mind.

This section might not be what you think it is!

( Sorry science-fiction lovers )

Revive the Body and Mind


Our gardening skills are on par with most of us, we don't have any.

We feel like gardening should be ingrained knowledge, as is lifting a spoon to our mouths.

Well, the joke's on us, it's not ingrained knowledge whatsoever but this section will educate us all on the art of filling the spoon!

Revive the Body and Mind


There are some words that can terrify us to our very core..... spider, wood-chipper, it's been declined, it's not you it's me, the customer before you bought the last one, anything a car mechanic says, a voice message from your mother, environment.

Thing's aren't as bad as they seem, unless we make it that way. *

* This motivational statement in no way has any relevance to wood-chipper's

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