We have so much on the way!!

We were hoping to have the site brimming with content at this time but our main focus for months now has been trying to secure employment. Trying to find a job seems to take up more time and energy then working a job!  Sadly, many of you know just how this feels. 

It’s an emotional roller coaster of anxiety, fear, panic, isolation, rejection and letdown. Any new obstacle that pops up, either big or small, seems to be an unbearable weight. No income coming in with none in the foreseeable future,   depleted savings and unpaid bills can cause unbearable feelings of inadequacy, insecurity, frustration and hopelessness. For those of you experiencing unemployment right now, please remember you are never alone in this. There are so many of us in the same situation as you are. If at anytime it becomes too much for you please seek help immediately. Any loss is a loss for us all.


Talking with others who are in a similar position can be relaxing, reassuring, healing and can possibly lead to new opportunities. Swapping employment ideas and resource information with others may also help move you forward.

A good way to help cope at this time is to burn off some of the stress and anxiety. Going for a vigorous walk or run can help create much needed feelings. The movement engaged with these two activities can help you realize your strength, feel forward movement in your life and a sense of accomplishment.

The holidays are here and this can either help or hinder. Immerse yourself in familiar and stable traditions, or if this becomes too daunting for you try creating a unique version of your holidays this year. A very uplifting idea this holiday season is to give to others. The act of giving to others can help increase feelings of abundance and solidarity and can be done without spending a penny!

Please remember if you need help do not hesitate to get it! Remember: Everything has a way of working itself out in the end and usually for the better! Reminding yourself of this often will help establish your finish line.